Friday, 2 September 2016

How to renew your old smart phone

Watching people getting new phones while you are still using your old phone can really fire up your jealousy. Scratches, fading paint and bruised corners mark that phone is old and has been well used by the owner. But buying a new phone just because your current phone looks old is not a valid reason for most of us. there are, however, few things you can do to make your phone look and feel like its new; here are few tips that might help you.

Tempered glass

We use our phone all the time and all the friction and constant usage causes scratches on its screen which can make your phone look old. By replacing the screen protector of your phone, you can change the appearance of your phone. the screen will look sleek and shiny just as it was when you first bought it.

Tempered glass

Phone case

If you avoided using a phone case in the past, your phone must be looking all old and weary by now and the paint must have peeled off from its edges. But since you are not going to a new phone anytime soon, buying a phone case is a great way to hide all the damage. 

Phone Cases

Clean it

A dirty phone is not a pleasant sight and even if your phone is not old, you should regularly clean your phone. dirt and grime might be the reason your phone is looking as old as time. clean your phone thoroughly and it will instantly look better.

Clean it

New theme

Now, your phone might be looking better from the outside, why don’t you jazz it up its insides too? Download a new theme or launcher for your phone and put up new widgets and icons. You will feel as if you are holding a new phone in your palm.

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