Monday, 29 August 2016

Blinklist- read books in 15 minutes

Reading is a joy of its own kind; losing yourself in words that take shape in your mind and create a world unknown to humankind is inexplicably blissful; book worms will relate. But with the fast-paced life of today, we hardly get time to indulge in our favorite books. And talking about time,how much time does it take you to finish a book? Few days? A week? A month, perhaps? With Blinklist, you can finish a book in 15 minutes.

Reading is a joy of its own kind

The app paraphrases non-fiction books so that the reader can absorb the essence of a book in 15 minutes. the books are briefed by experts in the subjects of finance, history and science to bring out the most important information so that the reader can get full value from reading the paraphrased version of books. the information is arranged in a manner that it delivers the most important information with deep insights. Each chapter of the book is summarized in 250 words and all you need is 15 minutes of your time to finish it. 

However, you need internet connection to run the app and you can create a library of your own. Other features of the app let your highlight the parts of the book that you want to remember and some of the books are also available in audio book format so that you can understand the text better. 

The app is great for those who have little to none time for reading but want to satisfy their hunger for knowledge. With the help of the app, you can decide whether or not you want to buy the book. It’s especially helpful for those who find short, briefed pieces of information helpful instead of details.

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