Friday, 12 August 2016

Stay safe, set up ICE contacts in your Smartphone today

When you leave your house, there’s no guarantee that will come back home in one piece. Accidents can happen to anybody despite the number of precautions you take. Every day you hear about people getting injured in accidents and count yourself lucky that it wasn’t you, but you never know when it’s going to be your turn. But that doesn’t mean you should leave it all to fate; even though you have no control over you fate, you should take precautionary steps anyway. Setting up ICE contacts in your phone is one such step you should take. 

Stay safe, set up ICE contacts in your smart phone today

ICE? What is that?

To begin with, ICE stands for In Case of Emergency contacts. These are the contacts that will help you in an emergency. If you are in some emergency, you can contact your ICE contacts to get help and if you are found unconscious, the person who found you can look up your contact list and call your ICE contacts. It is really important to have ICE contacts saved in your phone and make sure you have more than one or two ICE contacts; in case the first person doesn’t respond, you can reach out to other people in your ICE contacts.

Who should be in your ICE contacts?

The answer is quite simple; people who are close to you like your family, spouse, roommate or a close friend should be in your ICE contact list. As they are close to you, they must be aware about your medical conditions and in case they are required to answer about your medical history, they can correctly answer. 

ICE contacts

How to save these contacts?

It is obvious that if you are found unable to speak or stay conscious during an emergency, the person who found you will not be able to comprehend who to call from your contact list. For this reason, you should save the ICE contacts like “ICE-John” or “ICE 1”, “ICE 2”. It will make it easier for your savior to contact your closest people. 

ICE apps

ICE apps

Now if your phone is password protected, the contact list won’t be of any help as your phone will be not be accessible to anybody else but you. But don’t fret, there a solution for that too. Simply download ICE apps that show your ICE contacts on your locked screen in case of emergency. 

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