Saturday, 6 August 2016

Using your phone excessively? Beware of these hazards

Every once in a while, you must have come across the phrase that excessive use of mobile phones has bad effect on your health. But let’s admit it; keeping your phone away is not the solution since this little gadget runs lives. Even though we come across such facts, we tend to ignore them as what harm could our phone possibly cause us? Sorry to burst your bubble, but your innocent looking mobile phone is putting your health at risk. 

Using your phone excessively can cause your stress levels to rise leading to depression, sleep disorders and what not. With its constant ringing and vibrating, your phone is not really helping where the state of mind is concerned. It triggers mental health problems and does more harm than good.

We all know that handling your phone while driving is illegal and there is a logical explanation behind it. By using your phone while driving, you are taking up your chances of road accidents by four times. It is one of the biggest threat mobile phones pose.

Our phones are emitting radio waves all the time and when you use your phone, these waves are directed towards you. And radio waves are known to cause cancer and infertility in extreme cases. 
Do you have a chronic pain in your arm or your thumb? Little did we know, it is our phones that are causing such chronic pain. If you text regularly or spend hours scrolling down your social media, you are likely to suffer from pain in your thumb and holding your phone for longer periods will cause pain in your arm. 

Now what exactly can be done to avoid the harmful effects of your phone?

The first thing that will come to your mind will be using your phone less. But since it keeps us connected to our friends and work, it is nearly impossible to stay away from your phone. However, there are gadgets that can help you maintain distance from your phone and stay connected to it at the same time. Yes, we are talking about wireless gadgets. Invest in some good quality stereo Bluetooth headset that will enable you to take your calls or listen to music while maintaining a safe distance from your phone. If not entirely, it will help you to a considerable extent. Get your stereo Bluetooth headset from owogroup. 

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